google.auth.environment_vars module

Environment variables used by google.auth.


Environment variable defining default project.

This used by google.auth.default() to explicitly set a project ID. This environment variable is also used by the Google Cloud Python Library.


Previously used environment variable defining the default project.

This environment variable is used instead of the current one in some situations (such as Google App Engine).


Environment variable defining the location of Google application default credentials.


Environment variable defines the location of Google Cloud SDK’s config files.


port to be used for GCE metadata requests.

This environment variable is originally named GCE_METADATA_ROOT. System will check the new variable first; should there be no value present, the system falls back to the old variable.

Type:Environment variable providing an alternate hostname or host

port to be used for ip-only GCE metadata requests.

Type:Environment variable providing an alternate ip

Environment variable controlling whether to use client certificate or not.

The default value is false. Users have to explicitly set this value to true in order to use client certificate to establish a mutual TLS channel.